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Reservation Regulations


General Rental Information

Important Documents

The hirer and driver must present a valid driving licence and an identity card or passport upon delivery of the vehicle.

Driving licences issued by the countries of the European Union (EU); the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA); and the countries with which there is an agreement will be valid:

– EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands (Netherlands), Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom.

– EEA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

– Countries with which an agreement exists: Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, the Philippines, Guatemala, Macedonia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The validity of the permits listed above is subject to:

– that they are within the period of validity – that their holder is of the age required in Spain to obtain the equivalent Spanish permit – that the period of no more than six months has elapsed, counted from the date on which the holder acquired his normal residence in Spain.

Once this period has elapsed, the aforementioned licences will not be valid for driving in Spain. If the cardholders wish to continue to use the rental service, they must obtain a Spanish licence, after checking the requirements and passing the corresponding tests, unless, due to an agreement with the country that issued the licence, it is possible to exchange it for the equivalent Spanish licence.


A driving licence issued outside this area and/or in a language with a non-Latin alphabet (Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc.) must be complemented by an international driving licence. For driving licences from countries not belonging to the international driving licence agreement, in addition to the driving licence, a translation from a recognised official authority must be presented.




Age-related provisions

For the minimum age and driving licence rules apply, which are guided by the vehicle concerned and may include the process



of reserve. Basically, the minimum age for each driver is 35 years (driving licence at the minimum age of 10 years). A variation of the minimum age is possible, depending on the vehicle.


Fare information


Credit and debit cards from internationally recognized credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) will be accepted as payment method. We do not accept any type of prepaid card. This document must be presented with the collection vehicle and must be valid at that time. The amount that will be deducted from your payment method includes the rental price as well as any additional extra charges.

As a security measure, a deposit will be blocked for the rental price + 500 EUR or 1,000 € as a deposit, the exact amount of which will be determined on delivery of the vehicle, as the amount depends on the vehicle.


A refund for not picked up, for vehicle picked up late or for return before time is not accepted, does not take place.


Depending on availability, you can make changes in the reservation by calling our telephone service up to a maximum of 24 hours before the start of the rental. No refund will be made of the amount already paid/prepaid in the event of a price difference.

The reservation can be cancelled by telephone 24 hours before the start of the rental.

If the vehicle is not picked up at the agreed time, the amount paid in advance will be retained. (What if there is no notice of the delay before the agreed time the vehicle will become available for a new rental?)


Conditions of protection

Insurance against damage to third parties

The protection for the rented vehicle is extended to a civil liability insurance with a maximum sum insured for personal injuries and damages to the value of EUR 85 Million euros, its scope of coverage being limited to Andalusia.

The use of vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods is excluded from the insurance. All protection cover arranged within the framework of the rental contract loses its validity especially if the vehicle is used by an unauthorized driver, or if the driver of the vehicle does not have the required driving license at the time of occurrence of the insured contingency.

Coverage for damage and theft

By taking out damage and theft cover it is possible to limit liability to a certain excess in the event of deterioration or loss of the vehicle.

The lessee includes the damage and theft cover; he is liable depending on the vehicle with an excess from EUR 850.00 to EUR 4,000.00. In addition, a reduction of the excess is possible.

The right to the agreed comprehensive cover (including anti-theft protection) may be reduced or eliminated if the damage is intentional or caused by gross negligence.

If no comprehensive cover (including anti-theft protection) has been agreed, the hirer shall be liable for all damage to the car of

If the rental is not proven to have been caused by a third party, the renter will pay up to the total amount of the value of the vehicle.

Glass protection

Glass protection covers damage and breakage of windows and mirrors in the vehicle.

Protection on the road

All services must be requested only by claiming the use of 24-hour Roadside Assistance. This also determines the nature and extent of the provision in order to allow the continuation of the lessee’s journey. Unless caused by assistance within the framework of the provision of the Road Protection service, the hirer is liable for damage to the rental vehicle.

Limitations of territory of use

Its use is limited to the autonomous community of Andalusia.

In case of contravention of the conditions applicable to travel outside Andalusia lose their validity all insurance plus a surcharge.

Limit of kilometres travelled per week 1.500km

The limit of kilometres to cover per week is 1,500 km.

If this limit is exceeded, part of the rental price will be invoiced at the rate of 0.30€ per km exceeded.

Vehicle Availability

If it is not possible the availability of the vehicle you have previously booked will be offered a similar or refund of amounts paid so far


The reservation fee is 200€ and is paid by telephone.

Once the vehicle is ready to be checked, the reservation amount will become part of the deposit and will be included in the detailed invoice that we will give you.

In case of cancellation of the reservation with payment of 200€ this one will be able to be returned to him if it warns by telephone or email before 24h of the rent that has fixed.


The tenant will be responsible for any fines received within the rental period according to dates and times within the rental contract period.


Navigation system

The availability of navigation systems is guaranteed by reservation.

Additional driver

There will be an additional charge for each driver whose documentation has been registered at the time of rental so that only those persons with a valid and valid driver’s license can drive the vehicle, and also complying with the conditions set out here.

Infant and child seats

The availability of baby seats, child seats and safety seats for children from 0 to 36 kg (groups 0+, 0, 1, 2 and 3) is guaranteed by reservation.

Vehicle refuelling

No money will be returned for unused fuel.

The vehicle will be returned with the same amount of fuel with which it was delivered otherwise you must pay this difference at the price per liter according to market.

Delivery and collection

Deliveries and pick-ups are available for a fee at the local rental station.

At selected locations this service is available upon request, with the commitment of an additional charge at some locations.

Charge location

There is a charge for location only in Marbella, Estepona and Nerja.

Malaga airports, María Zambrano train station and location of the premises are free of charge.

Outside opening hours

For this service you must contact us by phone to check availability.

We charge an additional availability fee for this item.